Sunday, September 10, 2017 10:16 AM

Sorry, but our Honeycrisp apples are only available in our market as we had a great turnout of eager customers who enjoyed the early harvest.  We do have many more awesome varieties of apples that will be available for picking at different times throught the season.  You should plan to pick everyweek in order to pick from the great selection available.  Otherwise, our crews are busy picking each variety so we can have them available in or farm market. 

We current are offering Gala, a lunch box favorite, Jonathan, a slightly tart pie and sauce apple, Macintosh, great for baking and salad topper, and Smokehouse, a green apple with a sweet taste for eating and apple sauce for picking this week.

Our minimum purchase for picking is $13.00 for 1/2 peck bag which holds approximately 6-8 pounds.  There is minimum purchase of 1 bag purchase per group of 4.  We charge $29.00 for a 1/2 bushel bag to use to pick the apples.  About 20-28 apples depending on the size fit into the 1/2 bushel bag.

If you choose to sample the fruit, then you must pay for what you pick.  You can do this by not bag will not be completely full