Pick your own pumpkin time!

Saturday, September 23, 2017 7:56 AM

Today is the first day for pick your own pumpkins.  The pumpkin patch will only be open on weekends.   Apple orchards open at 9:00 everyday except Sunday when the fields open at 10:00 close at 5:00 everyday and the last shuttle out to the field leaves for the fields at 4:45 everyday.  Our farm market remains open until 6:00 everyday.

We do not weigh the pumpkins.  We use a PumpkinMeter which sets the price based on the diameter of the pumpkin.  We have a PumpkinMeter available for viewing at our market along with a large display of prepicked pumpkins. There is a minimum charge of $6 per group with 2 adults to pick pumpkins.  You must prepay the $6 before getting on the shuttle to the patch.  You will need to pay in full at the patch for the pumpkins you pick. The average size pumpkin in the patch is $6-$8. 8”-10” diameter.

In addition to Macintosh, Jonagold, Sun Fuji, and Cortland, Empire and Macoun are now available for picking.  Apple pricing is $13/1/2 peck bag approx 6 pounds and is the minimum picking for up to 2 adults and one 1/2 bushel @ $29.00 is the minimum purchase for up to 4 adults.