Advance Order

Pie/ Sour Cherries

As in prior years, we we will be

arranging with growers in New

York and Michigan to get fresh

picked Sour Cherries.

Michigan Sour Cherries

Packed in 10lb bucket.

Pit and stem removed.

No preservatives are used, so they will need to be picked up and used promptly or they can be frozen. Advance order needs to be to us by July 7th. We expect to have the buckets available for you the weekend of July 16th.

New York Sour Cherries

Fresh picked in 8 quart flat still on stem.

We do not yet have 2018 prices, last year the buckets were $35.50 and the flats were $39.50. Please put in your request now so we can approximate how many to order. We will contact you with price before actually ordering so you can confirm what you want.

*Please Note: Online submission is not immediate into our system. Call 610-269-3494 if time sensitive