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      additions, repairs,

      resurfacing, new paving

Concrete Sidewalks & Pads

Septic System

     install / update

Excavating /  

Site improvements

     clearing & grading for both

     residential and commercial


     delivery and grading for

     driveways & shed pads


     salt and plowing

Topsoil, Manure & Mulch                    hauling & sales

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More than Just a farm...

Since 1941, Highland Orchards, Inc. has been a family business.

Presently there are approximately 200 acres in production, with apples, peaches, sweet corn and strawberries being the major crops. The farm also offers a farm market with fresh produce and a bakery with great pies. We are more than just a farm. We offer farm tours, hayrides, topsoil, mulch and firewood sales. We also do paving and excavation, home repairs, and have storage and housing rental units to complement the business.  

Maintenance of the orchard as well as its’ roads, buildings and equipment has always been an important part of the Highland Orchards farming operation. To do the jobs needed on the farm, such as orchard renewal, soil conservation measures, building irrigation ponds, and roads, we purchased equipment and got plenty of practice using it.

In the mid 1960’s we started the Appleville home community on part of the property. This started with leveling and grading sites. We built roads, sidewalks and patios. We also built the water and septic systems. By utilizing the expertise gained, the orchard began doing jobs for neighbors, the township, and site excavation and road building for local developments.  

In the 1980’s the farm operation formed a separate Paving and Excavating department. This part of the business has continually grown, under the watchful eye of Bruce Hodge, by purchasing and maintaining the equipment needed and by having a well skilled crew with the expertise to do the job right.

Currently, over 150  driveway paving jobs are completed each year, as well as many other site preparation and excavating projects. Bruce and his crew take pride in having the knowledge and the skills to provide their customers with the best quality job possible.

Referrals are available upon request. We give discounts for combining jobs with your neighbors.

Don’t hesitate to call Highland Orchards for a free estimate for your paving and excavating needs!