Monday, June 19, 2017 2:38 PM

Picking has Ended- typically lasts most of the month of July.

2017 pricing- subject to change

 ‘MiniBasket’  holds approximately 2 quarts or 2-3 lbs. 

Minimum picking requirement- 1 mini basket- $12.00

  • 2-4 Mini baskets.... $10.50 each
  • 5-9 Mini baskets.. $9.00 each
  • >10 Mini baskets  .... $8.00 each
  • CSA Mini baskets …. $8.00 each
  • holds approx. 3 lbs. of berries and is the minimum purchase for up to two people*. 

 ‘Regular Picking Basket' holds approximately 4 quarts or 5-6 lbs.


  • 1-2 Regular baskets… $20.00 each
  • 3-5 Regular Baskets.. $17.00 each
  • >5 Regular baskets.... $16.00 each 
  • CSA Regular baskets … $16.00 each
  • holds approx. 6 lbs. and is the minimum purchase for groups of three or more. Pickers can opt to buy two MiniBaskets instead of one regular basket as the combination will hold the same.

All pricing and availability subject to change without notice. Check information posted in farm market before picking.

Blueberries are one of the easiest crops to pick.

The bushes are about 3 feet tall and the not yet ripe fruit hangs tight to the plant until it is ripe. Cup your hand spread your fingers apart and ‘comb’ through the berries and the ripe fruit will fall into the palm of your hand- its that easy.

Pick the berries with darkest blue color. Make sure the blueberry comes off the bush easily. If it does not, the bottom of the blueberry may still be yellow or pink.

Store blueberries in the refrigerator. When freezing blueberries, rinse them, dry them, and place in an air-tight freezer container. 

After rinsing, another option is to place a layer of blueberries on a cookie sheet, and place them in the freezer for 15 minutes till frozen. Then, place them into an air-tight freezer container. This way, the blueberries do not stick to one another while freezing.