Monday, August 28, 2017 3:14 PM


Half Peck Bags, holds approx. 7 lbs. and is the minimum purchase.

  • 1-3 1/2 peck... $12.00 each
  • 4-19 1/2 peck.. $11.00 each
  • CSA or 20+... $10.00 each 

1/2 bushel Bag, holds approx. 21 lbs.

  • 1-3 1/2 bu bag... $28.00 each
  • 4-6 1/2 bu bags.. $26.00 each
  • 7-14 1/2 bu bags.. $24.00 each
  • CSA or 15+ 1/2 bu....$22.00 each

All pricing and availability subject to change without notice. Check information posted in farm market before picking.

Picking Tips

Bartlett pears need to be picked green then chilled to get nice smooth texture. Dark green bartlett are not ripe, select with a tint of white or yellow. When picking a pear, don't pull down. Grab the pear firmly, and bend upward.

Storing Tips

Keep pears refrigerated until ready to use. For bartlett pears, place on the counter for a few days to ripen to a yellow color.

Nutrition Facts

Pears are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.