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Our Farm Market is open all Year. Picking is only available  May through October as each crop ripens.

Pick your own provides a fun experience! Picking your own provides the freshest, healthiest choice. Picking your own can provide great savings. The more you pick, the better/lower the price we offer.

Fields are open everyday:

-Monday through Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm and -Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm

NOTE: Arriving earlier in the day provides the cutomers with the best picking conditions and selections

Pick Your Own customers will be driven out to the fields on shuttles everyday.

No appointment is necessary to pick, but you might want to call on the day you would like to pick to confirm picking status, particularly if driving a distance as conditions can change daily. Phone 610-269-3494.

To pick, check-in in our Farm Market before going to the field.

Well behaved children are welcome to pick in the field!

There are Hazards on the farm for example ticks, ivy, holes and more- PICK at Your Risk

Sorry no pots and pans. We provide containers.

Bring back and reuse our picking baskets to save more!

Pricing is on a sliding scale by the container (2qt or 4qt) not by the lb.

No Pets

We offer berry picking Baskets to minimize damage to fruit and make picking easier.

We offer 2 different size containers. The price of each container will be determined by the crop in season.  The smaller ‘MiniBasket’ is our "minimum picking requirement" for a single person. The ‘Regular Picking Basket ‘ is the minimum requirement for groups of 3 or more. Volume discounts are available with either size.

We do not weigh the baskets. They are sold on an ‘each’ basis and you can put as much or as little as you care to in the basket.

Customers prepay for picking containers in the Farm Market and receive further instruction in the market.  Additional containers will be available in the field for those that want to pick more.

Some of the Advantages:

• Customers will no longer need to wait in line after picking for fruit to be weighed in order to determine the amount to pay.  Just count up containers you've put fruit in!

• Each person picking can have their own container, or can share.

• Customer will know ahead of time the amount they are spending that day.

• The handles are convenient.

• The picking baskets are sturdy, more durable and recyclable.

• The baskets may fit easier into refrigerator

• Vented sides will allow fruit to cool faster and stay fresh longer.

We do not use waxed cardboard picking trays.

Picker’s Permit

Entrance to Farm and all Picking at Your Own Risk.

My Group assumes all risk for entering the Orchard: there are holes, poison ivy, and other farm hazards. Highland Orchards is private property. Entrance to the farm is my agreement to follow the rules.

     1.     Check in at Farm Market before heading to the field.

     2.     Prepay for picking container(s) at posted price. Only use prepaid container(s)

     3.     Pick only in areas marked “Pick Here”

     4.     Children are well supervised.

     5.     Be sure to have a Great time! If there is a problem, tell us before you leave.