Pick Your Own Pears


Pick your own provides a fun experience! Picking your own provides the freshest, healthiest choice and can provide great savings.



Half Peck Bags, holds approx. 7 lbs. and is the minimum purchase.

  •  1/2 peck…

1/2 bushel Bag, holds approx. 21 lbs.

  • 1/2 bu bag…

All pricing and availability subject to change without notice.

Tips & Techniques

Bartlett pears need to be picked green then chilled to get nice smooth texture. Dark green bartlett are not ripe, select with a tint of white or yellow. When picking a pear, don’t pull down. Grab the pear firmly, and bend upward.

Keep pears refrigerated until ready to use. For bartlett pears, place on the counter for a few days to ripen to a yellow color.

Picking Guidelines

  • Prepay for fruit and picking containers.  
  • Picking is only allowed using our containers.  
  • Read and follow instruction on our signs.
  • Pick in designated areas only.
  • Give your token to our shuttle driver.
  • Wash your hands and fruit before eating.
  • No pets allowed on the shuttle, in the field or in the farm market.

Follow us on FB for the latest information and updated picking status. Conditions can change daily!