Check the OrchardBlog for the latest information.

Our Farm Market is open all Year. Picking is only available  May through October as each crop ripens.

The dates listed here are a mix of when crops are available in our Farm Market and when they might be available to pick. We offer all our crops already picked for you in our Farm Market. Quantity discounts are often available.

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Pick your own provides a fun experience! Picking your own provides the freshest, healthiest choice. Picking your own can provide great savings. The more you pick, the better/lower the price we offer.


Check the OrchardBlog

for most recent information-

see below for crop list


For 2017-

-New Picking Hours:

Mornings (9-12) Wednesday - Thurdday,

All day (9-5) Friday and Saturday

and 10-5 Sunday

Fields not open Monday and Tuesday

-New Shuttle Schedule

Wed, Friday, Sat, Sunday- field access by shuttle

Shuttle drivers will make continuous round trips to keep waiting time to a minimum.

Thursday-  No shuttle- Drive your car to the field day.

Please note that Thursday morning is the only opportunity for picking customers who do not want to ride the shuttle.

No appointment is necessary to pick, but you might want to call on the day you would like to pick to confirm picking status, particularly if driving a distance as conditions can change daily. Phone 610-269-3494.

To pick, check-in in our Farm Market before going to the field.

  1. Well behaved children are welcome to pick in the field!

  2. There are Hazards on the farm for example ticks, ivy, holes and more- PICK at Your Risk

  3. Sorry no pots and pans. We provide containers.

  4. Bring back and reuse our picking baskets to save more!

  5. Pricing is on a sliding scale by the container (2qt or 4qt) not by the lb.

  6. No Pets


Summer PYO Info 

The following lists approximate season for crops we grow.

(click on the Crop to see PYO pricing)


Rhubarb mid May to mid June


  1. Strawberries- May 24- Best picking early to mid June.

Sweet Cherries Mid June-new young trees! Sorry NO Sweet Cherries 2016

  1. Sour (Pie) Cherries Lost crop to cold. Sorry NO Sour Cherries to pick

Black Raspberries LateJune to early July - Estimated Start- June 28

Red Raspberries LateJune to through July - Estimated Start- June 28


Blueberries- Most of July- Estimated Start- June 28

Apricots - Early- mid July- Estimated Start- July 5

Lodi Apples- great for apple sauce- mid July don’t need a ladder, grown on dwarf trellis trees - Estimated Start- July 1

Peaches - Start July 20  Look for freestone in August

Sweet Corn - late July - early August- in our Farm Market now.

Blackberries Late July, much of August - Estimated Start- July 17

Plums - mid July

August is Peach Month

Nectarines - August Start Aug 12

White and Yellow Peaches - most of August- Great!

Summer apples (Rambo in store now and Ginger Gold PYO stat Aug 12)

  1.     Pears - late August

September & October  Scroll down for Apple and Pumpkin information


We are very excited to offer a better way to pick! We introduced our new berry picking Baskets in 2014!! We are using a system for picking that growers down south use to minimize damage to fruit and make picking easier.

We offer 2 different size containers. The price of each container will be determined by the crop in season.  The smaller ‘MiniBasket’ is our "minimum picking requirement" for a single person. The ‘Regular Picking Basket ‘ is the minimum requirement for groups of 3 or more. Volume discounts are available with either size.

We do not weigh the baskets. They are sold on an ‘each’ basis and you can put as much or as little as you care to in the basket.

Customers prepay for their ‘first’ container in the Farm Market and get directions to the field.  Additional containers will be available in the field for those that want to pick more.

Some of the Advantages:

• Customers will no longer need to wait in line after picking for fruit to be weighed in order to determine the amount to pay. Just count up containers you've put fruit in!

• Each person picking can have their own container, or can share.

• Customer will know ahead of time the amount they are spending that day.

• The handles are great.

• The picking baskets are sturdy, more durable and recyclable

• They’ll fit easier into refrigerator

• Vented sides will allow fruit to cool faster and stay fresh longer.

• This year we will provide the basket free for picking.

We stopped using waxed cardboard picking trays. During 2014 we offered to buy back the old picking trays with a $1.00 per tray credit toward Pick Your Own purchase.

**************** Apple and Pumpkin pick’n in Fall *******************


Fall PYO info (Sept 16 through Halloween)

Pumpkin and Apple Harvest usually lasts till the end of October.

Many varieties are available in our Farm Market throughout the fall and winter.

Hayrides & Kid Korrall every fall weekend- Noon to 5 Sat and Sun- until the end of October-

Pick Your Own in the Fall is different than the rest of the year

-We offer pre-pay bags for picking apples 

Click Here for 2015 price.
1/2 peck about 7lbs.  and

     1/2 bushel about 21 lbs.

Midweek special  - 10% off for pick your own apples this fall, - Mon-Fri, except Columbus day.

During the week register in our farm market and then drive yourself to the field, the shuttles do not run during the week, except for scheduled groups

-On WEEKENDS in the fall we give everyone a free ride to the field for APPLES AND PUMPKINS on our shuttles
   This means No cars in the field on weekends
   There are no shuttle rides during the week
-Shuttles run from 9-5 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday all fall.
    when coming to the farm don't overbook your day --come relax
-We offer Hayride and Kid Korral events from 12-5 on weekends during fall harvest
come and have fun! Food is available.
   Hayrides for individual and families are offered at this time.

Apples we grow:

Each variety is usually available on the tree to pick for about two weeks. 

Here are expected 2016 start dates* for favorite Apple varieties.

July 10- Lodi

August 10 - Summer Rambo,

August 12- Ginger Gold

September 10- first weekend of Fall Harvest Events

September 10 - Gala, HoneyCrisp, MacIntosh, Jonathan, Smokehouse

The following dates will include apples from prior week if available

September 17 - Cortland,  Gold Delicious, Red Delicious, Early Fuji

September 24 - Macoun, Stayman, Mutsu, Jonagolds

September 24 - Pumpkin picking starts, For Pumpkins there is a pre paid non refundable $5.00 field access charge. (it can be applied to purchase of a pumpkin- think of it as pre paying for your first medium size pumpkin)

October 1 - Rome, Ida Red

October 8 - Fuji, Granny Smith, Winesap

October 22 - PinkLady.

• instore week or so after start picking.

Many varieties are available in our Farm Market throughout out the fall.

-It usually takes us a week from the posted start date until we pick, wash, sort and display apples in our farm market.   In our farm market, apples are available for three weeks to three months depending on the variety.

Fall Weekend Hayrides

Noon-5 Sat and Sunday- no appointment needed.
If you have a group and want to schedule a ride at a different time please call to schedule. 610.269.3494   Hayrides with a campfire are available by appointment for groups.

Sept 16th through Halloween