Field Trips

Field Trips at Highland Orchards

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering any group tours for 2020-2021.


Weekdays groups of 10 to 35 can enjoy one of our Field Trip options. Tours are tailored for groups of all ages. A Highland Orchards tour guide will lead your group on one of our tours!



Our Mission with all of our tours

We recognize that only 2% of the population is involved in farming and that most people have lost their agricultural roots.  We want as many people as possible exposed to where their food comes from.  Tour Info below.

Our Tours

Fall Orchard / Hayride (Approx 45 min)


A tour guide will lead your group on a scenic hayride through the orchard to discover what goes on at a working orchard. A covered shuttle truck is used in inclement weather.  Your group will stop at the apple trees and everyone will get to pick 3 apples each. Everyone will board the wagon again and head over to the pumpkin patch.


The tour guide will pick one large pumpkin for the group.  In case of limited availability a pumpkin will be chosen from the pumpkin rack. Additional pumpkins may be purchased. The fee for this tour is $8 per person.



Please note in the comment section that your group would like the orchard/hayride tour only.


Spring or Fall Senior Tour


One of our tour guides would be happy to lead your bus around our orchard to experience any of our tour options!


Please note in the comment section that your group would like the orchard/hayride tour only.


Spring Growing Tour – (Approx 1.5 hrs)


A shuttle ride around the Orchard including stops where the tour guide will explain a bit about what is happening on the farm.  Your group may get to see berry preparation, pollination by bees, tree thinning, tree pruning etc. The group then participates in an orchard activity which will vary depending on the seasonal needs of the farm.  

Some activities include, removing the winter cover of straw from the strawberry plats, hanging or removing weights from young trees, or hanging fabric softener sheets from young trees to scare away deer.


A Snack – An Apple Cider donut and either apple cider or lemonade depending on availability. 

Field Trips

Fall Combo Tour (Approx 1.5 hrs)

**This is our most popular option! **


Enjoy a scenic hayride around our orchard while making a few stops to learn about how apples and pumpkins grow.  The group will also be involved a live cider press demonstration, visit the cold storage area where we can store up to 250,000 apples!  Your group will pick some apples and enjoy a snack of apple cider and an apple cider donut!  The fee for this tour is $10 per person.


Fall Walking / Packing House Tour(Approx 45 min)


Get involved in a live demonstration how to make apple cider!  The group can build scarecrow together and visit the cold storage area where we store up to 250,000 apples!  The fragrance is wonderful in there! Your group gets to pick some apples to bring home and enjoy a snack of apple cider and an apple cider donut!  The fee for this tour is $8 per person.


Please note in the comment section that your group would like the packing house/walking tour only.

Field Trips

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my group be broken up if there are more than 35 people?

The large group will be subdivided into smaller groups of around 35 people. You are welcome to prearrange how that will work amongst your group so that when you arrive to the farm you are ready to get started!

What is your weather policy?

The plants at orchard love rain but we understand your group may not prefer it. Our policy is to continue with the tour unless there is lightning. In case of lightening the group can seek shelter until it passes. In case of heavy rain or storms we ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you wish to reschedule. In an effort to keep your group safe, a shuttle truck will be used instead of a hay wagon in case of rain.

Do teachers and chaperones need to pay for the field trip?

We are so grateful for the many hands that help nurture a person! Our policy is for every 10 people that come 1 person is free. Your group may choose how to handle that benefit.

What if my group is fewer than 10 people?

Smaller groups can choose to pay the minimum charge of $100 or invite some friends or family to come along! Your group may also choose to partake in a Pick Your Own outing when in season. Many love the shuttle ride out to the orchard and picking their own crops!

Do we need to make a deposit?

We do not require a deposit but payment is appreciated upon arrival.

How early should we arrive?

We ask that groups arrive at least 15 minutes early. This allows time for check in, and a quick bathroom break before your tour begins.

Do you have an area to eat lunch?

We love the opportunity to enjoy the open air as much as possible! You’re group is welcome to use our picnic tables at any time on a first come first served basis. It may be a good idea to pack some picnic blankets just in case the tables are full.

What do we need to bring on our trip?

Your group should bring any weather appropriate items like sunscreen, hats, rain boots or rain coats. There will be many photo opportunities too!

Our group has some young children, do they need to pay?

Children under the age of 1 are welcome to enjoy the tour at no cost.

Are you able to handle groups with special needs?

During tour season, we offer a handicap accessible bathroom. Unfortunately we do not have a chair lift to our wagons or shuttles but we are happy to have one of our guides tour your group around on your bus.

What conditions should we be prepared for?

Our farm is a working farm. We ask that you be aware of holes, poison ivy, bees, and working farm equipment. Please be sure to pack any appropriate creams and epipens if you have allergies.