Thank you for for supporting the orchard!

We do not have an admission fee. We do have a minimum purchase requirement which varies by crop and the size of your group.  Customers will prepay for their ‘first’ container before going to the field.  Additional containers will be available in the field for those that want to pick more than the minimum.

Hint: come as a group, register together, pay together and get the volume discount.

If you only want a very small amount Pick Your Own might not be the way to go. Small and large volumes are available in our Farm Market.

Hint: for a real bargain, it is true that sometimes our already picked blemished/#2 fruit is cheaper than PYO.

While we plan to hold prices the same all season, price is subject to change with out notice. Price posted in store override listed here. Confirm price when you register to pick.

With over 200 acres in crops you must look for “Pick Here” signs, DO NOT PICK if you do not see what you like, you’re probably in the wrong spot.

See details for each crop below.

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