Reach for a Freestone Peach! 8/1

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 9:51 AM

Freestone peaches are in season for picking! 

Some of you may be asking, “what exactly are freestone peaches as opposed to clingstone peaches?” Well, for starters, both white and yellow peaches are categorized by the relationship between flesh of the peach and the pit or seed in the middle. With that said, there are two main categories of peaches we harvest on the farm, clingstone and freestone. 

The difference between clingstone and freestone peaches is simple. When cutting into a clingstone peach the flesh of the peach is not easily detachable from the pit. On the other hand, a freestone peach’s flesh detaches from the pit with little to no frustration. 

Clingstone peaches are the first variety of peach to be harvested (early-mid July) whereas freestone peaches are available later in the season (late July-August). 

Happy Picking!