Consider investing in a CSA membership for 2018!

The CSA Gift Card Program is a win-win. You help us in the winter/spring, we give you a good deal all summer.  Check out the benefit list below, then stop in and get your CSA card.  Call us at 610-269-3494 with questions.

Winter and Spring are a challenging time on the farm as we are maintaining, pruning and improving the farm.  We offer a 10% discount on any CSA card that is purchased between December and May.  If you purchase a $300 gift card you will save $30!  The card can be used all year long and you will receive the following benefits:

-As a CSA card holder you are identified as someone who wants Highland to succeed and will be respectful of the farm and careful when in the field.  As a reward, CSA card holders get a special discounted price when doing Pick Your Own.

-Any other discounts can be combined with the CSA card so you always get the best deal.

-The CSA card is reloadable during the season.

-We partner with other Lancaster, Delaware, and Chester County growers so you get a broad selection of wholesome local fruits and vegetables in our Farm Market.

-You chose when, which kinds, and how much fruits and vegetables to take home.

-Use the CSA Gift Card to purchase fresh in-season produce all summer. The card may be used with already picked or pick your own produce, or anything else available in the Farm Market and Bakery including jams, jellies, butters, canning supplies, pies, breads, apple cider and so much more.

-The CSA card may be used throughout the whole growing year. Once you have used all your CSA funds, your benefits expire.  CSA Card Benefits do expire at the end of the year purchased. Card will then revert to a standard gift card if any money is left on the card.

-The knowledge you’re helping us farm for another year.