Saturday, May 20, 2017 5:09 PM

Picking for the 2017 season has ended.  When we start picking Strawberries next year, (approximately May 24th with the best picking Early to Mid June) We will have new picking days/Hours/ and Shuttle procedures.

We have a minimum picking requirement which is pre paid.

1-2 people = 2qt basket

3 or more = 4 qt  basket

it will be our fifth year using special 2 and 4 quart baskets for picking that growers down south use to minimize damage to fruit and make picking easier. Every time you return to pick berries, bring back and reuse our picking basket to save even more!

The baskets are for Small Fruits (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Cherries, etc)

2017 pricing- subject to change (2017 price will be set after 5/22/2017)

  • The  Smaller ‘MiniBasket‘  will hold approx. 3 lbs. (2 quarts) of berries and would serve as the minimum purchase for up to two people*. 
  • 1 Mini basket.... $12.00 Minimum to enter the field
  • 2-4 Mini baskets.... $10.50 each
  • 5-10 Mini Baskets.. $9.00 each
  • >10 Mini baskets.... $8.00 each (this is also the CSA price)      

The  ‘Regular Picking Basket’, will hold approx. 6 lbs. (4 quarts - 1/2 peck),  and will be the minimum purchase for groups of three or more*.  Multiple container discounts are available for the serious picker. For comparison the old picking tray held 10-12 lbs. Pickers can opt to buy two MiniBaskets instead of one regular basket as the combination will hold the same.

  • 1-2 Regular baskets.... $20.00 each
  • 3-5 Regular Baskets.. $17.00 each
  • >5 Regular baskets.... $16.00 each (this is also the CSA price)
  • (we count people that will be walking in the field)
  • All pricing and availability subject to change without notice. Check information posted in farm market before picking.
  • We will not be weighing the baskets so there will be no adjustment for partially filled baskets.  They are sold on an ‘each’ basis and you can put as much or as little as you care to in the basket.

Customers will prepay for their ‘first’ container in the Farm Market and get directions to the field.  Additional containers will be available in the field for those that decide to pick more than the minimum.


--Dad comes with two toddlers will buy the Regular basket at $16.50 for entry to the field. Dad could choose to buy two minis for 17.50 (2@ $8.75) as an alternative to meet the entry requirement.

--Mom comes with just one toddler she only needs to buy one mini at $10.00 for entry to the field.

--Person comes by them self only needs to buy the mini at $10.00 to enter the field. Once in the field and satisfied with the great picking the person can get any number of additional baskets to fill their needs. One mini and one regular basket would be about the same as level full tray from prior years. The person could choose to initially buy a regular basket at $16.50 instead of the mini for entry to the field.

We have stopped using our waxed cardboard picking trays. For the 2014 season will offer to buy back the old picking trays with a $1.00 per tray credit toward your Pick Your Own purchase.